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The Epidemiology Program




Epidemiology is a multidisciplinary study of distributions and determinants of health and performance in populations. The goals are to provide a scientific basis for preventing, controlling, and eradicating disease and for enhancing well-being and productivity in populations.

The mission of the Graduate Group in Epidemiology (GGE) is to provide through instruction and research the graduate academic education necessary to prepare individuals to be leading researchers in epidemiology, or to apply epidemiology to their discipline.

Faculty interests include environmental and occupational health, veterinary medicine (livestock, wildlife, laboratory animals, companion animals), biostatistics, economics, nutrition, international nutrition, infectious diseases, community health, and entomology.

To learn more about the graduate group and its requirements, click on the links on the menu above.

If you still have questions about the GGE and admission to the program or would like a brochure, please contact Tami Ali, our Program Coordinator, who will return your e-mail or phone message promptly.

You may also contact one of the group's three Graduate Advisors for more information about the program.

Graduate Advisors

Dr. Janet Foley
Medicine and Epidemiology

Dr. Lynette Hart
Department of Population Health and Reproduction

Dr. Lihong Qi
Department of Public Health Sciences

Dr. William Reisen
Center for Vectorborne Diseases
Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology





Graduate Group in Epidemiology
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